I couldn’t find a really good, step-by-step tutorial on how to tint/color plastic lenses for cosplay. This is largely for my Steam Powered Giraffe fanmily, because I know that anyone doing a fanbot with goggles may want to make them fancy with some colored tints! Please reblog if you found this tutorial helpful! :3

This particular set of goggles is for my fiance (Harakumo on dA)’s human SPG fan character.


  • Read and abide by all package instructions and be very careful if you are using an X-acto or other type of blade, as they are very sharp!
  • THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT FOR CONTACT LENSES! Nothing used in and/or resulting from this tutorial should actually touch your eyes!!! D:
  • These are for costume/decoration only! You shouldn’t drive or perform any kind of serious tasks where you rely on your vision for the safety and/or well-being of others and/or property while you wear goggles that you tint using this tutorial. I (kuroikii/plutopiter) take no responsibility for any injury, death, or property damage resulting from vision-impairment caused by this tinting/coloring tutorial!!!!

(I just received word from a friend of mine that “Tamiya” transparent paints work even better for this type of application, and they work in a few minutes. I believe you have to order them online… and I think you need to air-brush it on. If I try it, I will update the tutorial :D)


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    This is the tutorial Cata used to color Gaige’s goggles! Amusingly, the goggles used in the tutorial are the same ones...
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